Public Radiofrequency Exposure:

Cell Phone Towers & Radiofrequency Radiation, (RFR), Exposure, (Tower Placement & Antenna Design), Consulting Professional Engineers

The Federal Government as well as the governments of other countries, have set maximum radiofrequency radiation, (RFR), exposure limits from RF emitting sources including cell phone towers. The radiofrequency exposure levels to the public from these facilities will depend on many factors. Design of the cell site antennas on the tower, tower dimensions and exact site placement are three factors that hugely affect the radiofrequency radiation, (RFR), public exposure levels. George M. Harris, P.E. with more than 35 years' experience in the field of radiofrequency engineering physics, coupled with his professional credentials, (including several published papers and related U.S. Patents), SPECIALIZES in the field of radiofrequency, (RF), and microwave engineering.

This Professional Engineering input is a huge benefit to regulators and business decisiion makers alike, resulting in optimum overall implementation of both cell and broadcast transmitting tower facilities.