Equity Investors...

Private Equity Groups; (Participating in, or considering participation in Technology-Based Businesses):

Familiarization & Input for Technology Investors

Very similar to Venture Capital Firms, many private equity groups are either considering or are already holders of equity positions in companies whose products and/or services have technology bases.

Fortunes are made in business from equity value increases over time with smart, well-run technology-based companies. However, enourmous amounts can also be lost very, very quickly. Management is ALWAYS the most important operational component of any well-run, profitable business. The most successful private equity investors benefit tremendously when they have a good understanding of the technology behind any technology-based businesses they acquire equity in and manage.

OUR FUNCTION & EXPERTISE is developing a crystal-clear understanding of the important elements of complex technologies for private equity investors and managers, with and/or without technical backgrounds, who have or are interested in acquiring equity positions in companies whose products are technology-based. The result is a much clearer vision and comfort level, with an ability to participate more confidently and productively in a wider array of technology-based business opportunities.