Water-Free Potato Processing

Advanced Single-Mode SoftIlluminationtm Microwave Application Techniques, Designed ESPECIALLY for Potato Processing.

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Micronetixx Powerful and Precise Soft-Illuminationtm Microwave Application Technologies have absolutely revolutionized Industrial Microwave Processing of all types of Potatoes, including whole potatoes. This Patent-Pending Soft-Illuminationtm Technology, (engineered, designed and developed by Micronetixx Microwave Engineers), is designed to reliably and effectively bake, blanch or otherwise process whole potatoes, frenchfries, hashbrowns or home fries, with absolute precision and outcome predictability. This revolutionary System and process is designed to replace older, water-based processes, ensuring a more nutritious product without the high energy usage, water-soluable nutrient loss and wasteful water-sourcing, heating and treatment issues that are major headaches in traditional potato processing plants.